[coreboot] Super IO: NSC PC97338

Sean Nelson snelson at nmt.edu
Tue Jul 15 22:38:56 CEST 2008


I have a Sony VAIO Laptop, PCG-F680K. It has a P3-700, 440BX, PIIX4,
and the titled Super IO. The main problem I'm finding from supporting
coreboot on the laptop is the SuperIO doesn't use Plug-and-Play LDNs.
What is the suggested course of action for writing support?

The Super IO controls Power Up/Down of the chip, Floppy, Serial, and
Parallel Port. It does have some PnP support for IRQs and DMA.

~Sean Nelson <snelson at nmt.edu>

PS. I've spent a few days playing around with coreboot and the
registers for the PC97338.

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