[coreboot] How to boot MS Windows via coreboot? ADLO/Bochs or LegacyBIOS/SeaBIOS?

Ken.Fuchs at bench.com Ken.Fuchs at bench.com
Fri Jul 11 23:52:49 CEST 2008

Since about 2002-2003 this has always been ADLO with Bochs BIOS,
but now there seems to be more development activity on

Warning: This repeats some verbiage from a post dated 2008/07/07
concerning MS Windows XP Embedded booted via coreboot.

The ADLO web page:


This page doesn't seem to have been updated in years.  I recall
seeing messages on the list saying that people have been able
to boot both MS Windows XP and MS Windows Vista in addition to
the originally supported MS Windows 2000, OpenBSD and Grub/Lilo.

Booting Windows using coreboot:


This page is obviously more up to date and even links to the
ADLO page.



This page seems to suggest that SeaBIOS only works under qemu,
but I think it should work on any coreboot supported board to
the extant that VGABIOS supports the video controller or a
commercial VGA BIOS is used with coreboot.

Can someone please clarify the recommended procedure for
booting MS Windows via coreboot?

-- XP Embedded related question --

In the above referenced post, I asked the same question,
except specifically relating to booting "MS Windows
XP Embedded" via coreboot.  Has anyone done this yet?
I'm referring to the componentized version of XP Embedded,
usually referred to as "XPe":


It seems that booting XP Embedded should be no different
from booting regular XP as long as all modules required
for booting are selected.  So booting XP Embedded via
coreboot should work fine, depending on the payloads used.


Ken Fuchs

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