[coreboot] #109: flash base autodetection on AMD SC520

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Fri Jul 11 00:43:32 CEST 2008

#109: flash base autodetection on AMD SC520
    Reporter:  stepan    |         Owner:  stepan          
        Type:  defect    |        Status:  new             
    Priority:  major     |     Milestone:  flashrom v1.0   
   Component:  flashrom  |       Version:                  
  Resolution:            |      Keywords:                  
Dependencies:            |   Patchstatus:  patch needs work
Changes (by hailfinger):

  * patchstatus:  patch needs review => patch needs work


 Sorry, trac didn't mail the attachment to the list, so I was unaware of

 If possible, please move all code inside the if (pci_dev_find(0x1022,
 0x3000) != NULL) to chipset_enable.c and have it set a global variable
 is_elan=true and another variable elan_baseaddr. That way, we can keep the
 main flashrom loop mostly free of chipset/processor dependent stuff. I'm
 open to variants of the above, though, as long as code is moved to

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