[coreboot] help with win-xp and legacybios/coreboot

Myles Watson mylesgw at gmail.com
Thu Jul 3 18:42:38 CEST 2008


> > I must be missing something, because my boot fails with this message
> > on my s2892:
> [...]
> > move mptable from 0x20 to 0xfffffc00, size 0xdff03e0
> That message should never occur if one were to apply the patch in the
> email from the url above.  Basically, the mptabling moving should have
> gotten disabled by the '#if 0' change.

Yep, I bungled the patch.  I'm trying it again. 

> > BTW: when I was trying to get XP to boot before, I was having timing
> > problems.  Have you tested the timer tick with factory BIOS and
> > coreboot?
> As far as I know it works - SeaBIOS will enable the timer during its
> post stage.

Great.  I'll let you know.


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