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Stefan Reinauer stepan at coresystems.de
Wed Jul 2 18:14:39 CEST 2008

Peter Stuge wrote:
> On looking closer, all drivers do this. Erase before write. I don't
> think that is right?
> I would like that behavior only when explicitly saying both erase and
> write. Otherwise, the layout stuff will be erasing and rewriting data
> that is not actually part of the selected region in the layout.
I think a write of a given block should always automatically erase that 
very block first, but not more.

There should not be a situation where the user has to know that she can 
only write the flash after she set all the bits to 1 by erasing it. 
That's hardware knowledge that the tool must have, not the user. 
(Otherwise she would use dd for the task)

But I agree the way we do deleting + writing is ugly.

In /dev/bios my data structure for the flash chips had an array of 
blocks for each chip, so /dev/bios would see if the block at a given 
address is 4, 8, 112K or whether it could write the whole chip with a 
granularity of 256 bytes.

>>> Better make -Ewv work then, and apply the swapopts patch for -ewv. :)
>> and -ezytgrl !
> Hm? :)
That's what I thought, too, when I read that line. What's Ewv, ewv and 
why is swapopts involved in automatically erasing flash chips?

> I have been contemplating adding -T to run a full test cycle on a
> chip, actually. Automated testing is always nice. Maybe require -Tf
> to actually do anything?
Something that prints out TEST_OK_PREW or the human understandable 
version of that in the end? I love this idea.

-T should print a big warning "You are going to destroy the data on this 
chip if you run the command again with -f"


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