[coreboot] datasheets for AMD7xxXX (AMD75x, AMD76x, AMD760MP/MPX)

Marek Artur Penther marekpenther at aol.com
Tue Jul 1 22:28:28 CEST 2008

All datasheets can be downloaded from:

for AMD750 (AMD751 and AMD756) see 

for AMD760 (AMD761 and AMD766) see 

for AMD760MP (AMD762 and AMD766) see 

for AMD760MPX (AMD762 and AMD768) see 

for AMD Athlon, Athlon XP, Duron processor see 

There is list of my collection of data/specsheets for this platform:

AMD-750 - Chipset Overview.pdf
AMD-751 - System Controller.pdf
AMD-751 - System Controller - Revision Guide.pdf
AMD-756 Peripherial Bus Controller - Revision Guide.pdf
AMD-756 - Peripherial Bus Controller.pdf
AMD-760MPX Platform for the AMD Athlon MP Processor.pdf
AMD-760MPX - Chipset Overview.pdf
AMD-760MP Platform.pdf
AMD-760MP - Chipset Overview.pdf
AMD-760 - Chipset with DDR SDRAM Memory Support.pdf
AMD-761 - System Controller.pdf
AMD-761 - System Controller - Revision Guide.pdf
AMD-761 - System Controller - Software BIOS Guide.pdf
AMD-762 - System Controller.pdf
AMD-762 - System Controller - Revision Guide.pdf
AMD-762 - System Controller - Software BIOS Design Guide.pdf
AMD-766 - Peripherial Bus Controller.pdf
AMD-766 - Peripherial Bus Controller - Revision Guide.pdf
AMD-768 - Peripherial Bus Controller.pdf
AMD-768 - Peripherial Bus Controller - Revision Guide.pdf

Interfacing the AMD-761 System Controller and the Via Technologies, Inc.
VT82C686B Southbridge.pdf

AMD Athlon Processor - x86 Code Optimization Guide.pdf
AMD Athlon Processor - Technical Brief.pdf
AMD Athlon - Processor Module.pdf
AMD Athlon Processor Module - Signal and Power-UP Requirements.pdf
AMD Athlon Processor Model 1 and Model 2 - Revision Guide.pdf
AMD Athlon Processor Model 4.pdf
AMD Athlon Processor Model 4 - Revision Guide.pdf
AMD Athlon XP Processor Model 6.pdf
AMD Athlon Processor Model 6 - Revision Guide.pdf
AMD Athlon XP Processor Model 8.pdf
AMD Athlon Processor Model 8 - Revision Guide.pdf
AMD Athlon XP Processor Model 10.PDF
AMD Athlon XP Processor Model 10 with 256K L2 Cache.pdf
AMD Athlon Processor Model 10 - Revision Guide.pdf

System Considerations for Dual AMD Athlon MP Processors in Tower and 1U Form

Linux Kernel Issue with Systems Using AGP Graphics.pdf

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