[coreboot] The coreboot hare

Jordan Crouse jordan.crouse at amd.com
Tue Jul 1 16:35:04 CEST 2008

On 01/07/08 05:44 +0200, Peter Stuge wrote:
> The license could be debated. CC by-nd and by-sa were discussed, but
> by-sa would let anyone do anything to it, which I don't think is a
> good idea. I would prefer that we created any necessary variations
> ourselves, and made them available for reuse. CC in general may not
> be such a good fit for a logo.
> The current license is modeled after the OpenOffice.org logo license.

The current license isn't very friendly to commercial entities.  As it
stands, we are unable to use the logo in our signage, which would
be a shame.  We also couldn't put it into bayou since the license would
be incompatible with the GPL.

Can we consider CC-by-nd, please, to allow commercial reuse?

And why is CC-by-sa out of the question?   I think that the many
variations of the Linux penguin has only served to enforce the 
brand, not dilute it.

Jordan Crouse
Systems Software Development Engineer 
Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

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