[coreboot] The coreboot hare

Carl-Daniel Hailfinger c-d.hailfinger.devel.2006 at gmx.net
Tue Jul 1 12:25:57 CEST 2008


On 01.07.2008 05:44, Peter Stuge wrote:
> You have probably noticed the new logo on the web. It could also be
> seen on posters and flyers at LinuxTag about a month ago.
> Back when we decided to change the project's name, we also wanted to
> change to a new logo. Manhole Tux is cool and symbolic, but just like
> the old name he is not a great fit for the project since coreboot has
> much more general and generic potential than was anticipated.
> A few of us started thinking hard about the logo. We came up with
> some important requirements:
> * No obvious connection to other products, because coreboot is quite
>   generic. In particular no connection to any operating system.
> * Something a little bit fun that complements the name
> * A clean and simple design that is widely applicable:
>   + Web
>   + Bootsplash
>   + Posters and flyers
>   + Case engravings and stickers
> * Ideally conveying advantageous properties of coreboot
> We tried to brainstorm over the course of two years or so, throughout
> the name change discussion, and continuing on after the change. There
> was some discussion and logo ideas on the mailing list.
> When we could not find an idea that we really liked, we finally gave
> up. After securing sponsorship to cover the cost, I sought help from
> an old friend who is a terrific artist and runs a design house called
> Breakfast Design near me. He was able to come up with a great idea
> very quickly and the design was reviewed and finalized just days
> before LinuxTag.
> I managed to get a good deal. My friend Jens does not normally engage
> in such small projects and customers (his usual clientele includes
> IKEA, book publishers and international record labels) but because he
> thinks our project is cool, and because we were able to finish the
> design quickly with only very few changes neccessary after each
> review, he agreed to do it!
> After some research on uniqueness, the hare was proposed.

Veto because no community input was sought during any of the review
phases. Sorry.
I will continue to use the penguin for all contest entries and the
pending magazine articles until we have a design which had community
review during the design process.

> Early comments included "playful", "slick", "distinct", "a sense of
> speed" and "professional." Ever since I got used to the new shape
> (it took me about a week) I have grown quite fond of the hare.

I think it is the distorted head of a dog. Someone else I showed it to
said it reminded her of a Mickey Mouse head in side view without ears.
(I even have a modified drawing which makes that latter observation very
Besides that, associating coreboot with a running hare is not to be done
lightly. A hare usually runs because it wants to flee. Besides that,
Germans will have funny associations with a running hare:

> Special thanks to the sponsors who made it happen:
> Konsult Stuge
> coresystems GmbH
> Kitchener Waterloo Linux User Group and Richard Weait

And it's unfortunate that these donations/sponsorings have not been
announced earlier. Some of us (well, at least me) would have liked to
send a thank you note to the donors.

Best Regards,

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