[coreboot] [LinuxBIOS] abit be6

Carl-Daniel Hailfinger c-d.hailfinger.devel.2006 at gmx.net
Tue Jan 29 18:35:03 CET 2008

On 29.01.2008 18:16, Jouni Mettälä wrote:
>> Does that mean it doesn't recognize any other chips on that board? In
>> that case, we really are dealing with a missing board enable routine and
>> my patch just papers over the bug.
>> Do you have another board where the chip fits and where an unpatched
>> flashrom recognizes it?
> Yes flashrom doesn't recognize these chips (patched and unpatched)
> AT-29C020, W29C020C-90B, supported by flashrom
> Uniflash recognizes sst29ee010 chip and writes it. Chip is unsupported by
> flashrom.

We can change that.
SST29EE010 has id1=0xBF, id2=0x07
SST29VE010 has id1=0xBF, id2=0x08

What does "flashrom -V" tell you about the sst29ee010 in the abit be6?
Most of the id1=xx, id2=xx lines of the output should match one of the
lines above.
Please try to get verbose flashrom readings from all of these chips. We
can add support for them once we know how their ID as it appears to

> Writing with flashrom would be much more comfortable.

Indeed. However, Uniflash uses some routines to switch on the relevant
board enable wires, so flashrom may be missing something.

> Unfortunately I don't have another board which recognizes this W29C020-12
> chip.

OK, we'll see what we can work out.


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