[coreboot] alix1c and v3

ron minnich rminnich at gmail.com
Tue Jan 29 09:00:13 CET 2008

And this is bad too.

in setup_realmode_idt -- both v2 and v3 ...
	/* debug handler - useful to set a programmable delay between
instructions if the
	   TF bit is set upon call to real mode */
	idts[1].cs = 0;
	idts[1].offset = 16384;
	memcpy((void *)16384, &debughandle, &end_debughandle - &debughandle);

So a blind memcpy over 16384. What's there?

00003fa0 T find_constructor
0000404b T constructor
000040a1 T alloc_dev
0000418b T dev_init
000041bc T dev_find_slot
000041eb T dev_find_slot_on_smbus
0000421a T dev_find_class

Oh. Our code. In fact, it's find_constructor -- which was what was blowing up.

So I'm yanking that blind memcpy, one more try, then off to bed.

We're going to need to work out a formal memory map.


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