[coreboot] alix1c and v3

ron minnich rminnich at gmail.com
Tue Jan 29 08:15:18 CET 2008

On Jan 28, 2008 10:15 PM, Marc Jones <Marc.Jones at amd.com> wrote:

> Can you try using vsmsetup.c instead of  vm86.c? Something looks strange
> in the reporting. ebp 0x60000000. Are the variables aligned on the stack
> correctly? Is this debug info correct? Are we being mislead?
> This looks suspicious in callbiosint()
>         "    movw    $0x18, %ax          \n"

I'm mostly using vsmsetup.c That 0x18 should be 0x10 I think.

I think the gdt in vm86.c needs to be made identical to the one in stage0.S.

Not sure yet. But there is a problem here.

> Also,
> case 0x15:
>         ret=handleint21( &edi, &esi, &ebp, &esp,
>                 &ebx, &edx, &ecx, &eax, &flags);
> Please call it handleint15 it it handle int15.

yes, we can do this, just go ahead and make a cosmetic patch.

Why is the data segment for the VSA in 16-bit mode set to x40?

The vsmsetup.c in geode is mostly vsmsetup.c from v2. The only bits
from vm86.c that are used are code that was basically identical.

I'm still puzzled.


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