[coreboot] LinuxTag 2008 in Berlin, May 28-31

Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Sun Jan 27 07:41:35 CET 2008

On Fri, Jan 25, 2008 at 07:08:58PM -0500, joe at smittys.pointclark.net wrote:
> > I am certainly interested in exhibiting coreboot. Anyone else?
> I would love to help but traveling to Germany is out of the
> question. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help
> remotely.

Last year we had an idea about a competition in the booth, but time
did not let it happen.

We showcased a few different CPU boards with LB and had the serial
output for each board showing on a screen.

The idea was to let people guess boot times for one board each day as
precisely as we could measure, and have a reset button for visitors
to press while they were watching the serial output.

I would love to hear other, more fun, competition ideas, but if
nothing else surfaces I think I'll try to realize the timer thing
this year. :)


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