[coreboot] coreboot support for socket 775 mainboards

Corey Osgood corey.osgood at gmail.com
Sun Jan 27 05:58:13 CET 2008

Andreas Rudin wrote:
> Hello
> As far as I have seen, there are is no coreboot-support for any socket 
> 775 mainboards yet?
> Is someone working on that and is it likely that there will be support 
> in the near future?

I've posted a patch in my mail titled "Intel refactoring and microcode 
updates" that adds support for socket 775 CPUs, along with their 
respective microcode updates. Unfortunately, the updates are too large 
to fit in flash, and with v3's compression support, I've been tempted to 
just give up and hold off until v3 works (there is also a generic intel 
option, which supports any intel cpu, but lacks microcode updates, those 
can be done through the kernel later). I've also been messing around a 
little with an i945 board, but I won't get seriously working on it until 
I've wrapped up everything else I've got going.

> I'm working in revamp-it in Zurich. ( www.revamp-it.ch )
> Together with different other "open source concerned" people we have 
> started the project "freieComputer.ch". Our idea is to offer "free 
> computers", which means computers with pre installed open source 
> software to anyone, who wants to buy a new or second-hand desktop 
> computer or laptop.
> Till now we are still using mainboards with BIOS, pre installed by the 
> mainboard manufacturer, but we would be very happy to offer computers 
> with coreboot-BIOS in the future.
> As far as I understand, there are already a lot of possibilities for 
> second-hand computers, using older mainboards.
> But the choice for new mainboards is very small:
> Am I right, that the only mainboard listed as supported by coreboot, I 
> still can get as new is the Gigabyte GA-M57SLI-S4 Board with Socket AM2?
> (I couldn't find any mainboard supplier, who still offers any of the 
> other AM2 supported mainboards mentioned on the supported mainboards list.)

There are also some embedded boards, PC Engines alix1c for instance, 
that are still for sale. There's also the Gigabyte 2671gxdx, which 
should be available soon, and a handful of Asus and MSI boards, just 
look for the ones with the nvidia mcp55 or via k8t890. I'm working on 
support for jetway's j7f2 series right now (via c7/cn700), it's just 
about finished and there should be a fresh patch the next few days.

> Which other mainboards or newer chipsets are you currently working on to 
> be implemented in coreboot v3?

v3 isn't ready for production yet. It's coming along well, and the first 
working target will probably be the aforementioned alix1c.

> Apart from support for OLPC, is there any work in progress to get the 
> BIOS of other ("mainstream") laptops supported by coreboot?

Not at this time. Undocumented embedded controllers tend to get in the way.


> And a last question:
> Are there any coreboot developers here in Switzerland, to get in 
> personal contact with them?
> Best wishes
> Andreas

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