[coreboot] coreboot support for socket 775 mainboards

Andreas Rudin coreboot at revamp-it.ch
Sun Jan 27 05:32:20 CET 2008


As far as I have seen, there are is no coreboot-support for any socket 
775 mainboards yet?

Is someone working on that and is it likely that there will be support 
in the near future?

I'm working in revamp-it in Zurich. ( www.revamp-it.ch )
Together with different other "open source concerned" people we have 
started the project "freieComputer.ch". Our idea is to offer "free 
computers", which means computers with pre installed open source 
software to anyone, who wants to buy a new or second-hand desktop 
computer or laptop.

Till now we are still using mainboards with BIOS, pre installed by the 
mainboard manufacturer, but we would be very happy to offer computers 
with coreboot-BIOS in the future.

As far as I understand, there are already a lot of possibilities for 
second-hand computers, using older mainboards.

But the choice for new mainboards is very small:

Am I right, that the only mainboard listed as supported by coreboot, I 
still can get as new is the Gigabyte GA-M57SLI-S4 Board with Socket AM2?
(I couldn't find any mainboard supplier, who still offers any of the 
other AM2 supported mainboards mentioned on the supported mainboards list.)

Which other mainboards or newer chipsets are you currently working on to 
be implemented in coreboot v3?

Apart from support for OLPC, is there any work in progress to get the 
BIOS of other ("mainstream") laptops supported by coreboot?

And a last question:

Are there any coreboot developers here in Switzerland, to get in 
personal contact with them?

Best wishes


Rosengartenstr. 1
8037 Zürich

0041 43 960 32 64
skype und wengophone: arevamp

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