[coreboot] [cbv2]Add serial port information to lbtable

Patrick Georgi patrick at georgi-clan.de
Wed Jan 23 12:28:42 CET 2008

Stefan Reinauer schrieb:
> Note: There's another patch from Jens Freimann which puts all of the 
> device tree into the cb table. Unlike Patrick's patch, Jens' does not 
> reveil any information like "coreboot is actually using this device in 
> this and that manner". So I think those are two different things.
My patch also doesn't "really" say such things - so far, it only tells 
the reader of the table that there is a serial port to be found at a 
certain port.
If Jens' solution is more complete (and its data format is still 
reasonably simple to parse), I'd opt for going that route, dropping my 
patch. How to tell the payload where a console is to be found can be 
layered on top of both approaches, I assume.
Is Jens' patch for v3, or also for v2? In v3, there's a record for a 
pointer to the devtree, is that it?
> While I agree we want to export all devices (not only serial ports), I 
> believe that we should also export a given amount of "management 
> information" that can be used by payloads to make a consistent code 
> flow through all stages of our modular design, such as: if you change 
> the baud rate with "lxbios", it should propagate through to grub2 and 
> not be linuxbios specific. For the user, "lxbios" is the firmware 
> setup utility, not the coreboot utility alone.
I did only the serial port with the intent that more devices can be 
added (somehow) on an as-needed basis. No need in designing a 
one-size-fits-all solution when it might not fit actual usage later on.

Patrick Georgi

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