[coreboot] problems using svn co https://coreboot.org/svn/trunk/coreboot-v2

bxshi bingxunshi at gmail.com
Tue Jan 22 15:17:23 CET 2008

when I check out the code by :  svn co
it begin to download,

A    coreboot-v2/util/resetcf
A    coreboot-v2/util/resetcf/resetcf.c
A    coreboot-v2/util/buildrom
A    coreboot-v2/util/buildrom/buildrom.c
 U   coreboot-v2

Fetching external item into 'coreboot-v2/util/flashrom'
 svn: Unknown hostname 'linuxbios.org'


and then it stops, but the download is incomplete. what is the problem?

Thanks for help.

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