[coreboot] pci_check_sanity is confusing; do we need VSA to read LX CS5536 config registers? ; how to handle VSA?

Tom Sylla tsylla at gmail.com
Sat Jan 19 15:09:03 CET 2008

ron minnich wrote:
> I thought that even without VSA, a pci config read of 0:1.0 would give
> me something reasonable back. But the devices that are found without
> VSA are 0:c.0, 0:d.0, and then 0:f.0 etc.

Without VSA, the only thing you are going to see south of LX are the 
real hardware PCI devices (probably your c.0 and d.0) and then one 
device in 5536, 0:F:0, which is the one real hardware header on 5536. 
Please post the vendor/device IDs, and we can see what you are finding. 
For 5536, you should find 208F1022 for that one hardware header. That 
device is the ISA bridge, and doesn't do anything. Like Marc said, you 
need VSA to access PCI config space for IDE, audio, USB, etc. Everything 
is a virtual device on 5536. Of course, you can access MSRs on those 
devices before VSA is loaded.

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