[coreboot] progress on lx

ron minnich rminnich at gmail.com
Sat Jan 19 07:39:24 CET 2008

Marc, should we modify the LX build to somehow wget the VSA and copy
it in to LAR? Or should we have a top-level "blob" directory in v3
that includes the vsa file, and then build it in to LAR?

I am thinking it is now time to solve the VSA problem, and LAR is the key piece.

Also, it looks like we need to actually run the lar code in stage 2
phase 2, i.e. the setup for pci scan stage. I had not anticipated this
at all. Any ideas here?

But shouldn't we be able to do PCI config cycles of some sort and find
the southbridge? I thought PCI only affected config cycles for
"virtual" devices.



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