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> On Jan 14, 2008 7:40 AM, Carl-Daniel Hailfinger
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> > There is one aspect of the new name that was not discussed yet if I
> > remember correctly: Capitalization.
> > It seems "coreboot" is all lowercase. While I agree that it looks nice,
> > I remember the trouble "openSUSE" had when they insisted on their
> > particular capitalization, especially in contiguous texts with
> > "openSUSE" at the beginning of some sentences. Starting a sentence with
> > a lowercase word makes most word processors complain loudly. Independent
> > of that, some media outlets don't care about capitalization of project
> > names at all.
> > I do like "coreboot" as it is because that capitalization gives me the
> > impression of "works behind the scenes".
> I'm starting to update some of the wiki pages (e.g. the FAQ) to use
> the new 'coreboot' name and I haven't seen a definite answer about the
> capitalization question.  Is there consensus that the name should be
> lower-cased in all instances (even at the beginning of a sentence) ?
I would treat coreboot as a proper name always and therefore always refer to it as Coreboot. It also looks much more like a product
that way to me. I think lowercase hides its importance and that is not advantageous to anyone. Lowercase also will have too many
other technical problems with editors and such.
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