[coreboot] Config.lb versus static.c inconsistency.

Steve Isaacs yasteve at gmail.com
Thu Jan 17 22:19:39 CET 2008

I'm seeing something I need help explaining. Basically, I have three
devices that are not being enabled. Here is what is being shown as part
of the pci_scan_bus for bus 00. I've added some diagnostic information
to the spew for the function being called and for one of the devices I'm
interested in.

pci_probe_dev:PCI: 00:03.6 [14e4/b514] enabled
pci_probe_dev:PCI: 00:03.7 [14e4/b514] enabled
pci_probe_dev:dev->device 0x00000420 dev->ops 0x00011D80 disabled
pci_probe_dev:PCI: 00:04.0 [1166/0420] disabled
pci_probe_dev:PCI: 00:04.1 [1166/042a] enabled
pci_probe_dev:PCI: 00:05.0 [1166/0422] disabled
pci_probe_dev:PCI: 00:05.1 [1166/042a] enabled

The device 00:04.0 is a PCIe bridge.

Here's an excerpt from Config.lb for that device. Note that it is
configured to be "on".

          device pci 3.0 on     # EXB0 0x0420 -- Essential
          device pci 3.1 on     # IOMMU 0x042A -- Essential
          device pci 4.0 on     # EXB1 0x0422

And, finally, here's an excerpt from the generated static.c for the same

struct device _dev56 = {
        .ops = 0,
        .bus = &_dev8.link[1],
        .path = {.type=DEVICE_PATH_PCI,.u={.pci={ .devfn =
        .enabled = 0,
        .on_mainboard = 1,
        .link = {
        .links = 0,
        .sibling = &_dev57,

The same is occurring for two other devices in addition to this one.

Any suggestions?



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