[coreboot] CN700 with a KVR533D2N4/512 memory module

Urbez Santana Roma urbez at linuxupc.upc.edu
Wed Jan 16 21:40:56 CET 2008

If you have read my last message, i comment that 
memory works if i change the values of do_ram_command
functions in sdram_enable() written by Corey Osgood for
the CN700 with a C7 CPU. When is used with KVR533D2N4/512
module, the memory not works, but i have finally, changing
the values that works fine, with execution of branch instructions
if i use the values:

..... part of src/northbrigde/cn700/raminit.c .....

	// 6. Mode register set. 
	PRINT_DEBUG_MEM("RAM Enable 4: Mode register set\r\n");
	//safe value for now, BL=8, WR=5, CAS=5
	/* (E)MRS values are from the BPG. No direct explanation is given, but 
	 * they should somehow conform to the JEDEC DDR2 SDRAM Specification
	 * (JESD79-2C). */
//	do_ram_command( RAM_COMMAND_MRS, 0x0022d8);//by Corey
	do_ram_command( RAM_COMMAND_MRS, 0x1022d8);//With the 20 bit ON.
	// 7. Mode register set. 
	PRINT_DEBUG_MEM("RAM Enable 4: Mode register set\r\n");
//	do_ram_command( RAM_COMMAND_MRS, 0x21c20);//default OCD calibration
by Corey
	do_ram_command( RAM_COMMAND_MRS, 0x121c20);//With the 20 bit ON.
//	do_ram_command( RAM_COMMAND_MRS, 0x20020);//exit calibration mode
	do_ram_command( RAM_COMMAND_MRS, 0x120020);//With the 20 bit ON.
	// 8. Normal operation 
	PRINT_DEBUG_MEM("RAM Enable 5: Normal operation\r\n");
	do_ram_command( RAM_COMMAND_NORMAL, 0);

.....end part of src/borthbrigde/cn700/raminit.c.....

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