[coreboot] Bootlog for the MSI MS6119 board. (crash)

Corey Osgood corey.osgood at gmail.com
Tue Jan 15 20:54:22 CET 2008

Maarten van Eeuwijk wrote:
> Hi all,
> Uwe wrote a target file for my MS6119 using the data I gathered. Later 
> I patched out the normal image to take the entire 256k for a single 
> coreboot bios + memtest86 as payload.
> It crashed in a similair way as the image build with the Asus p2b 
> target file did.
> Or perhaps it's just the payload not working. But I have no idea how a 
> succesfully booting coreboot looks like. So, help me debugging ;)
> See the log, captured with putty using a null-modem wire.
> grtz,
> merethan

> PCI: devfn 0x78, bad id 0xffffffff
> PCI: devfn 0x80, bad id 0xffffffff
> PCI: devfn 0x88, bad id 0xffffffff
> PCI: devfn 0x90, bad id 0xffffffff
>  ddrIPcueafeafdbffdfeafdddbf  f sifCexe0P0
>                                   austP
>                                        m,  m0PNeP3dPeP0:1PCcass0 
> P1uiCes:P.le00g P0le i:Ie  :s1n p_fR os c1oelb00
> 0ui0:lnCrs::db0P00o0ti10:1P0[0e rP u P7x 00nP0DoP.60tR cs 02oa
>                                                      : IdP._

Alright, open up src/mainboard/msi/ms6119/auto.c. Uncomment these two lines:

/* dump_spd_registers(&memctrl[0]); */
/* ram_check(0, 640 * 1024); */

And add this one:

ram_check(1024*1024, [size of your memory stick, in MB] * 1024);

Rebuild (make clean;make), reflash, and post back with the output. BTW, 
this has nothing to do with the payload, there's still quite a bit more 
to go before LB gets into the payload. Do you have any PCI or AGP cards 
on the board?


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