[coreboot] [LinuxBIOS] m57sli : debugging the flashrom problem when booting with LB

Florentin Demetrescu echelon at free.fr
Tue Jan 15 11:01:12 CET 2008

Quoting ron minnich <rminnich at gmail.com>:

> On Jan 13, 2008 2:32 PM, Florentin Demetrescu <echelon at free.fr> wrote:
> > 5) after booting with LB, and forcing the following registers of the lpc
> bridge
> > with the following comands:
> >  setpci -s 00:01.0 a0.l=c1100001
> >  setpci -s 00:01.0 a4.l=0
> >  setpci -s 00:01.0 a8.l=0
> >  setpci -s 00:01.0 ac.l=0
> >  setpci -s 00:01.0 b0.l=02f40295
> >  setpci -s 00:01.0 b4.l=085f0800
> > (force them at same values as in proprietary bios)
> > the command "flashrom -m gigabyte:m57sli" do not hang anymore and correctly
> > identifies the flash chip (I haven't tested yet a full flash programming)
> Do you think these values would be the same for all mainboards using
> this part? That answer will determine how we incorporate this fix.

On my main computer which uses a mcp55 SB too, these values are definately not
the same.. These are board specific values and, as Yinghai suggests in a later
post, they should be fixed in the m57sli specific files (on the other hand I
agree with Torsten that there are no differences btw the v1.0 & v2.0 versions of
the boards regarding these values)

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