[coreboot] 2 Terabyte Limit of BIOS/MBR

Martin Marcher martin at marcher.name
Sat Jan 12 20:24:51 CET 2008

On Friday 11 January 2008 03:47 jakllsch at kollasch.net wrote:
>> Is that right that the problem is the BIOS?
> Or at least a problem with the Areca BIOS extension.
> Could also be the main Tyan BIOS too I suppose.

I guess it's not a problem of the Areca controller since it's bios sees the
created drive just fine with the correct size.

> INT13h Extensions support 64-bit LBAs, so that's not an inherent
> problem unless there are limitations of the BIOSes's implementations.

>> how I understand the different articles at wikipedia, ms and different
>> netsources the BIOS just can't handle disks that are larger than 2TB, in
>> turn this renders a MBR unusable. Fine so I convert the disk to a GPT and
>> off I should go. But I found that the bios of this board still refuses to
>> accept the disk (reported as an scsi device from the controller) and just
>> says "No BIOS disk found".
> Well, you're distorting some things there.  The BIOS itself
> just provides functions for disk access, and by itself, is
> incapable of understanding partition tables.

That was badly stated, see my other posts. Booting from a grub disk still
won't work (grub doesn't see any disk)

as soon as i boot from an external usb drive all is fine and from the point
where linux boots I have full access to the drive. Seeing all available,
partitioned and unpartitioned disk space.

> Also, the limitations of 32-bit Windows® are totally irrelevant. :)

no windows here, debian/etch x86_64, being totally new to this i just found
that a few pages at MS explained basics actually quite good.



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