[LinuxBIOS] Intel refactoring and microcode updates

Uwe Hermann uwe at hermann-uwe.de
Fri Jan 11 09:07:07 CET 2008

On Fri, Jan 11, 2008 at 04:34:39AM +0100, Peter Stuge wrote:
> On Thu, Jan 10, 2008 at 09:34:28PM -0500, Corey Osgood wrote:
> > > How many different cores could you put in even the most popular
> > > socket, three?
> > 
> > LGA775 currently has 19 (and may have more I don't know about).
> > Using some rough math, I get a rounded-down size of 186KB (really
> > is quite a bit more) for its updates, and that would go into both
> > normal and fallback images.
> I think we need to make it configurable.

Yep, agreed. You should be able to specify exactly which CPU you want to
use and the build process should only include the updates for just that CPU
(or list of CPUs if you specify more than one).

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