[LinuxBIOS] 2 Terabyte Limit of BIOS/MBR

Martin Marcher martin at marcher.name
Thu Jan 10 21:59:14 CET 2008


hope to be in the right place to ask this, if not just point me to where you
think it's apropriate

my Hardware is:

Tyan Transport GT20 (B2865)

an Areca 1210 raid controller is attached to it and I just was hit by the
2TB limit which a BIOS can handle.

Is that right that the problem is the BIOS?

how I understand the different articles at wikipedia, ms and different
netsources the BIOS just can't handle disks that are larger than 2TB, in
turn this renders a MBR unusable. Fine so I convert the disk to a GPT and
off I should go. But I found that the bios of this board still refuses to
accept the disk (reported as an scsi device from the controller) and just
says "No BIOS disk found".

OK, now the actual question(s):

1) Is this problem (if I understood it right) still there with linuxbios?
2) If so what plans are there to still be able to use a >2TB disk?
(Note: Just plugging a smaller disk to boot from isn't exactly what I
consider a solution, however you are the experts :)

3) Last, not least I couldn't the Tyan GT20 in the supported hardware list,
is that true or just missing.

If it's missing I'll bug Tyan about this once a month or so, in case you
don't have the specs available to send it to you (if you want me to do


apologies if that is totally OT but I think I'm right here :)


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