[LinuxBIOS] Please add support for MX25L8005 and MX25L3205D

Harald Gutmann harald.gutmann at gmx.net
Thu Jan 10 01:00:30 CET 2008


As I've soldered a Sockel for SPI-Chips on my Mainboard (Gigabyte M57SLI4), 
I'd like to test the Chip's which have more space on it, and i've here.

I have those chips, and the sockel but not really skills in programming C, i 
tried to look at the source code from flashrom, but grepping for "MX25L4005" 
(which already works) gives just two results. One result is in the 
flashchips.c file, and the second in flash.h, where in flash.h there is an 
entry for the MX25L8005 chip.

I added in flashchips.c a line for the MX25L8005 chip, and flashrom detects 
it, but i don't know what the values in those lines are exactly for, but just 
correcting the first one to 1024 gives the right size output after the chip 
detction, but verifying after writing to the chip doesn't work. (I think 
there is some more work to do on the flashrom code, or i just have the wrong 
values insert in the flashchips.h file.)

It would be really fine, if someone of you could implement that correctly, i 
can and will test if it works. 

Kind regards,
Harald Gutmann

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