[LinuxBIOS] Patch file for ld/fedora 8 issue as promised...

Ed Swierk eswierk at arastra.com
Fri Jan 4 22:20:15 CET 2008

On 1/4/08, Marc Karasek <Marc.Karasek at sun.com> wrote:
> Ed sorry for the duplicate, but I only originally replied to you.
> I will take a look at it.   When I ran it it did add the option on my
> system.   The only question I had was for an older ld version would it
> behave properly.

Try running this snippet from buildtarget in a shell and you'll see what I mean:

ld --help | awk '{for (i=1;i<=NF;i++) if ($i ~ /build-id/){n++} }; END
{exit n}'; build_id=$?; echo -n 'ld supports --build-id? '; if [
$build_id \
]; then echo 'yes'; else echo 'no'; fi

> I did the patch using svn diff from the tree.  Is there another way to
> generate it?

Not sure...


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