[LinuxBIOS] Kino LX800 AMD Geode based board

mark wolfe markw at wolfenet.org
Thu Jan 3 20:34:20 CET 2008

The bios on the board is a PMC 49FL004t-33jce.  Found a data sheet for 
that, and it does use the LPC.   I'm looking at the SST parts right now.
Googling for PRI_BOOT_LOC brings me right back to the list. :)
Looks like this is shown with flash rom?  Guess it's time to fire up svn 
  and grab some code.   This stuff has come a long way since the 27cxxx 
chips. :)


Tom Sylla wrote:
> On Jan 2, 2008 9:15 PM, markw <markw at wolfenet.org> wrote:
>> Ok, the board has a plcc 32 rom socket on it, so it looks like I'm
>> limited to 8mbit without constructive surgery and adding address lines.
> I can't quite read the part number of the PMC flash device on any of
> the on-line pictures of the Kino board. My guess is that it is an
> LPC/FWH ROM, not a parallel ROM. ROMs on LPC have 4 muxed address/data
> lines. You don't need to worry about adding address wires, all
> memory/FWH reads/writes are 32-bit addressed.
>> Looks like a LB/Filo setup booting off parallel compact flash.
>> Any good sources for spare flash roms?   Digikey?
> Search Mouser for "LPC", and look at the memory ICs category. I see a
> couple of 4 and 8Mb parts in stock. You can use the 16Mb parts, if you
> can find them to buy. I can't find any on-line, but a distributor may
> be able to get them (SST49LF016C {FWH} or SST49LF160C {LPC})
> Make sure you purchase the correct version of ROM for how your board
> is strapped. Boot your board, and check the PRI_BOOT_LOC field to know
> where 5536 is booting from. (the PMC part in the pictures of the Kino
> board can work in either mode)

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