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Steve Spano steve at fl-eng.com
Wed Feb 27 03:08:20 CET 2008

Hello folks,


We have developed - basically a clone of the DB800 Amd Geode LX800
reference system.


We have an LX800, CS5536, SST04 LPC Flash (512KB) and a compact flash
card - 1GB.


The system is booting Ubuntu 6.10 using a commercial BIOS.


I have downloaded the corebios and wish to get it running on our board.
I have been able to download it, configured with FILO and its almost

What I want it to do is boot into the GRUB sector of the compact flash
card and then allow grub to let me select what linux kernel/etc to boot.

When corebios loads FILO, filo says "mounting FAT" and it cannot find
our grub sectors/etc on the compact flash card. Shouldn't this be EXT2
that it mounts.


I have adjusted the configs for FILO to attempt to remove FAT, but it
still keeps coming up. Seems like I a missing something pretty simple.

Can anyone point me to a reference on how to configure the latest
corebios/FILO package to boot into an IDE compact flash (the compact
flash card is right on the IDE bus of the CS5536).

Also - doesn't have to be FILO. I saw etherboot can boot to IDE as well.
I just want a BIOS so I can alter the memory timings/etc and jump to my
compact flash card for booting. So whatever is easiest.


Thank you


Steve Spano, President

Finger Lakes Engineering


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