[coreboot] [patch] superiotool dumps environmental controller registers too

Ronald Hoogenboom ronald at zonnet.nl
Mon Feb 25 23:13:55 CET 2008

On Mon, 2008-02-25 at 14:57 +0100, Uwe Hermann wrote:
> Ronald, can you please repost the patch with that rename (and a
> Signed-off-by, of course) and also fix the following issues:
>  - Add your name/email to the list of contributors in README.
>  - Update the manpage and README to document the new option.
>  - Make all lines shorter than 80 characters in the code and docs.
> If there are no further comments on the new patch, I'll test it on 1-2
> ITE boxes and commit.
Please find attached the patched patch, patched to suit the above

This patch adds support to dump other registers than the primary
pnp-style configuration registers, using the new option -e/--extra-dump.
This patch only adds dumping of the Environmental Controller
configuration registers for the IT8716f chip.

Signed-off-by: Ronald Hoogenboom <hoogenboom30 at zonnet.nl>


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