[coreboot] [patch] m57sli FAN control

Ronald Hoogenboom ronald at zonnet.nl
Sun Feb 24 23:18:16 CET 2008

On Fri, 2008-02-22 at 23:52 +0100, Ronald Hoogenboom wrote:
> Then the fan is properly controlled. BUT this stuff is far too
> mainboard specific (as opposed to superio specific) to be in this
> file. It should be in a file in the mainboard/gigabyte/m57sli
> directory (probably even V2.0 specific). But I wouldn't know how to
> link it in so it gets called in the ec_init routine. Do you have some
> suggestions?
> Maybe there is a way to put it in the Config.lb file?
I've found a way: provide the ec_init routine in a source file in the
mainboard/gigabyte/m57sli directory. I've also added a Config variable
'HAVE_FANCTL' to notify to superio.c to get the ec_init externally.

This patch adds automatic fan control for the CPU fan on the m57sli

Signed-off-by: Ronald Hoogenboom <hoogenboom30 at zonnet.nl>

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