[coreboot] [patch] superiotool dumps environmental controller registers too

Torsten Duwe duwe at lst.de
Fri Feb 22 23:48:37 CET 2008

I have 2 versions to throw in.

On Friday 22 February 2008, Carl-Daniel Hailfinger wrote:

> It can either mean "Environment Controller"
> or "Embedded Controller". In the future, superiotool will be able to
> dump settings of both types of these devices, so I fear the parameter
> has to be replaced by something like "--environ-dump".

--env-dump, because I consider that a common abbreviation ("man 1 env").

> Thoughts? We should wait with the commit until there is consensus about
> the name of the long option.

OTOH the whole thing is about voltages, fans and temperature sensors, right? 
Then there's a package called lm-sensors, so why not --sensors 
or --sensors-dump? "Environment" is also quite ambiguous, and the -s is still 
available, so --sensors* would be my favourite.


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