[coreboot] amd/db800 build failure on Fedora 8

Marc Jones Marc.Jones at AMD.com
Fri Feb 22 02:01:23 CET 2008

Phani Babu Giddi wrote:
> Hello All,
> I am trying to build coreboot for amd/db800 target with filo as the 
> payload. I am compiling this on Fedora 8 and I see that ld is 
> reporting a error ".id can't be allocated in segment 1. I have 
> installed the latest version of binutils ( three packages) and I am 
> using the latest code base so I have all the patches that were 
> submitted to fix this issue. The ld version is
> Any idea whats going on ?
> Regards,
> Phani

Hi Phani,

Can you send more output? There might be some hints to what is going on 
in the target/.../fallback/ldscript.ld file. Are you building with buildrom?


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