[coreboot] RAM breaks?

Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Thu Feb 21 03:09:49 CET 2008

Hi Jacek,

On Wed, Feb 20, 2008 at 08:00:32PM -0600, Jacek Chruscik wrote:
> I include log from coreboot startup on EPIA MII with 1.2GHz C3
> processor.

This board should work just fine.

> First of all it fails to run my FILO payload, second, I noticed it
> may fail on RAM check-up, it sees only 16MB out of 256 or 512
> (tried both)

No, it does actually see all your RAM. More below.

> Furthermore, I have to wait about 10 sec form power cycle for
> coreboot to send anything through serial line.

This should not happen. What kind of power supply are you using and
how do you power on the board when starting coreboot?

> Bank 0 (*16 Mb) 10
> No Physical Banks 01
> Total Memory (*16 Mb) 10

One (01) bank is found, bank 0, which has 16 (10) * 16MB = 256MB.

Note that the two-digit value last on each line here is hex but is
missing a leading 0x. :\

> Welcome to elfboot, the open sourced starter.
> January 2002, Eric Biederman.
> Version 1.3
> Can not load ELF Image.

Could you send us the output from your coreboot make?


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