[coreboot] Dump GPIO I/O Registers

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Mon Feb 18 02:38:30 CET 2008

Quoting Gregg C Levine <hansolofalcon at worldnet.att.net>:

> Hello!
> Isn't the southbridge part of the basic PCI structure? I seem to recall a
> discussion on the earlier list for what we do here, and it came up that you
> can dump the registers for the bridges via the lspci and probably manage
> them via the setpci commands from the pcitools stuff.
> According to the cover sheet for them for my distribution it is possible to
> adjust the latency timers of the whole thing via the setpci command. Ideally
> simply doing a man lspci should tell you what and who behind them. Oh and
> one more thing? Be careful.
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Greg lspci works ok to find/set pci configuration registers. I need  
something that will probe the GPIO's to find out which one is asserted  
and if the signal is in or out? Does that make more sense?
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>> Hello,
>> How do I dump the GPIO I/O Registers in linux. I need to dump the
>> GPIO's from the southbridge. Anyone?
>> Thanks - Joe

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