[coreboot] LBv2: asus A8NE - Filling 2 pci slots --> no VGA/boot

Torsten Duwe duwe at lst.de
Tue Feb 12 10:40:37 CET 2008

On Tuesday 12 February 2008, Corey Osgood wrote:

> > I think there was a change committed that allows just the VGA ROM to
> > be executed and ignores the ATA card ROM. Does anyone else remember?

> I don't think Luc Verhaegan's patch ever got in,  so just set
> CONFIG_VGA_CONSOLE but not CONFIG_PCI_ROM_RUN. The VGA rom will still run.

No, that was the old behaviour. Luc had a valid point, so equivalent changes 
did go in.

Set CONFIG_VGA_ROM_RUN, but not CONFIG_PCI_ROM_RUN in this case now.


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