[coreboot] LBv2: asus A8NE - Filling 2 pci slots --> no VGA/boot

Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Mon Feb 11 03:31:09 CET 2008

On Sun, Feb 10, 2008 at 05:48:37PM -0800, Baski wrote:
> Could you try with a different graphics card too?
>   I'll try.  I don't have any other right now.

Ok. Please let us know. Although the graphics isn't really the
problem here you should still see the cursor blinking on the screen
even when you have the ATA card installed.

> > PCI ROM Image, Vendor 1095, Device 0680,
> > PCI ROM Image, Class Code 010400, Code Type 00
> > copying non-VGA ROM Image from 0xf4000000 to 0xd8000, 0xc000 bytes
> > entering emulator
> Here coreboot tries to execute also the ROM on the Silicon Image
> PCI0680 ATA-133 controller, and if this is the last output you get
> on serial, it fails.
> Removing the ATA card really doesn't change anything?
>   After removing the ATA card, the system boots to Linux.


>  But I need to use that card.

I think there was a change committed that allows just the VGA ROM to
be executed and ignores the ATA card ROM. Does anyone else remember?

Hopefully the ATA card doesn't need the ROM to run in order to work
in Linux.

If it is indeed needed, you'll have to debug what the ROM is trying
to do in the emulator and where it fails, or as a quick fix I would
suggest buying a different ATA card that does not require a ROM to
run before the card is usable in Linux.


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