[coreboot] PIRQ tables...

ron minnich rminnich at gmail.com
Sat Feb 9 18:51:28 CET 2008

On Feb 9, 2008 9:40 AM, ron minnich <rminnich at gmail.com> wrote:

> OK, I will look at this dts issue. I wonder if we need a pirq node in the dts?

Well, let's toss some ideas around here. I don't quite know how we
should specify pirq in the dts. Before you join this discussion, be
sure you have read the $PIR spec :-)

There are several pieces. First are the values of the "links", then
the values of the "masks".

So we could have a dts node like this:
pirq { lirqa = "value"; lirqb = "value"; lirqc = "value"; lirqd = "value";
mirqa = "value"; etc. };

Then we could specify a device
ether0 {pcipath="dev,fn"; /* bus is inherited from parent */
              pirq { routing="B,C,D,A"; level="edge"};

This all has to be parsed in flattree.c

I welcome other ideas. I assume this info would go in the struct
device, although it is a tad PCI specific, not compatible with PCI-E.

I won't port any other LX targets until we work this out.

On another note, how do we do VGA?

BTW I have a hunch that v3 on this thing is a tad faster than v2. It's
only a hunch. It just feels a bit faster.


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