[coreboot] EFI strategy

Carl-Daniel Hailfinger c-d.hailfinger.devel.2006 at gmx.net
Sat Feb 9 02:34:50 CET 2008


when promoting LinuxBIOS over the last few months I almost invariably
got the response: "Why would anyone want to create a new BIOS? EFI is
the future."
EFI marketing seems to have successfully convinced many people by simple
repetition of their "EFI is the future" campaign. Back when we had the
dreaded "BIOS" in the project name it was almost impossible to get the
message across that we had the most modern concept and codebase.
Now is the time for change. CHANGE! Let's use EFI marketing for our own
advantage and add some new marketing in EFI style to our public image.
- "The EFI proponents are right. BIOS is a thing of the past."
- "EFI has been superseded by Coreboot. Of course Coreboot has a
backwards compatible EFI emulation for systems stuck with a solution
from the 90s."
- "Coreboot is able to run legacy code like EFI and BIOS, but who would
want that?"
To be fair to EFI, it was a good idea back in 1995, but we live in 2008
and have to be realistic about the "future" of EFI.



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