[coreboot] Run PCI rom before PCI bus scan??

joe at smittys.pointclark.net joe at smittys.pointclark.net
Thu Feb 7 23:02:55 CET 2008

Quoting Marc Karasek <Marc.Karasek at Sun.COM>:

> Let me add me two cents..
> I have dealt with the Intel MACs in the past so let me dreg up some
> memorries...
> From what I recall,  you had a serial eeprom on the board that
> contained the init for the chip.  This was the 82545GM.
> The eeprom image was protected by a CRC and if the CRC failed it would
> not load the image.

By CRC do you mean checksum? There is a checksum in the eeprom.

> The device would also not be visible on the PCI
> Bus unless the eeprom was loaded.  I have attached the 82545 eeprom
> spec sheet (freely avail from Intel) maybe this will give you some
> insight.
> Intel has a program to read/update the paramters.  I never used it,
> mainly because I was on an embedded system running MIPS-Linux and they
> would only provide a x86 binary, no src code.   It took me a couple of
> iterations to get the eeprom right.  Maybe you can get the utility from
> Intel and dump the eeprom. What I do not understand is why you would be
> having problems with coreboot.  the only thing I can guess is the
> default eeprom is putting the MAC into a state that the BIOS must take
> it out of (maybe WoL).  Did you say you have the spec sheet for the
> part and it talks about the eeprom?
Marc I am able to read the eeprom in Linux with ethtool. Wol is  
enabled. This is a 82562ET chipset (same family). Corey, I am pretty  
sure that atmel chip is the eeprom. Again, here is what I think needs  
to be done:

OK, here is what I have picked up reading, reading, and more reading:
1. When the system is powered on "At this point, the LAN
controller is in the D0u state"

2. The "Platform LAN Connect component" is actually a command script
(probibly a rom written in assembly) runs and sets up the CSR register
(I could setup a script in the mainboard directory and run from auto.c).

3. At this point it goes into a DOa state.

3. The "Platform LAN Connect component" hands it over to the bios
(coreboot) to setup "Memory, or I/O Base Registers in the PCI
Configuration space"

4. nic is setup and ready to go!

What do you think?

The only thing I am not sure of is how to read/write to the CSR register???

Thanks - Joe

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