[coreboot] [PATCH] CN10K patch, FILO ide discover patch.

Urbez Santana Roma urbez at linuxupc.upc.edu
Thu Feb 7 01:03:04 CET 2008

Note: for install this patch, you must download the last coreboot SVN,
and install first the patch posted by Corey Osgood, that includes
CN700/C7 and jetway mainboard.

The filo patch is for correct a problem with FILO when tries to find the
IDE disk, if more that
one IDE interface is on, and no all IDE's are in native Mode. The count
of compatibility
interfaces are wrong, and not finds the interface that is marked as a
IDE 0x0101 or SATA 0x0180
and not all are native, the search of the io base and control, are

If this is not correct sorry :)))

If in VT8237R have SATA as an 0101 and the IDE too 0101 class, with this
patch, works, because
counts corectly the unique non native interface IDE, as the first.

NOTE1: in the epia-cn/Config.lb the IDE and SATA are enabled.
NOTE2: in epia-cn/auto.c the values of PCI_DEV(0,0x11,0) 0x50 and 0x51
are different, for have IDE and SATA enableds at function
NOTE3: Here is a file base.c that haves a udelay with use of rtdsc
NOTE4: another function via_cn_fixup, fixes the use of PCI devices
access to the memory. Must be improved, and not use a fixed value.
NOTE5: have a change in cn700/raminit.c for configure in CN the memory.
NOTE6: vt8237r configures the SATA device as an IDE class 0x0101 must be

Urbez Santana.
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