[coreboot] Geode LX/CS5536 VSA

Marc Jones Marc.Jones at AMD.com
Mon Feb 4 17:28:51 CET 2008

Stefan Reinauer wrote:
> Carl-Daniel Hailfinger wrote:
>>> I would appreciate any comments from the list on:
>>> 1. hosting these VSA sources.  Would coreboot.org be a good place to
>>> keep the GNU-ified VSA sources?
>> Probably yes. The laptop.org GIT tree only has 2 revisions. Such an
>> amount of change could easily be handled with subversion and
>> coreboot.org surely could handle that. The final decision is made by
>> Stefan, though.
> Yes, we can add a seperate repository for that. Or even check it into 
> the coreboot tree? Would that make sense?
> Whatever is preferred by you guys.
I think a separate repository would be better.

>>> 2. the idea of permanently moving to a GNU-buildable version?
>> It would certainly make outside contributions easier.
> Yes, no need for MASM to build the whole thing is a great step 
> forward. Congratulations!
If you would like to understand the architecture the VSA developers 
guide is helpful.


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