[coreboot] Capio II 320 and Coreboot

Juergen Beisert juergen127 at kreuzholzen.de
Fri Feb 1 22:30:26 CET 2008

On Friday 01 February 2008 19:47, Jeremy Wright wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm new to Coreboot, but I've been able to get a BIOS burned and sort of
> working. I'm working with a Capio II 320 (see specs below) and I've tried
> using the "Axus TC320" and "ASI MB-5BLMP" build tutorials since the CPU and
> chipsets are so similar. I've also tried using Etherboot and FILO as the
> payloads with the same results. The ASI tutorial starts up and initializes
> the network interface, but I never get any video. With the Axus TC320
> tutorial, I get video, the network interface is initialized, and I get a
> splash screen, but that's where it stops. When using Etherboot I can see
> that the Capio starts to boot from my network boot server and then stops.
> Is there a way I can get console output with the Axus TC320 setup? If I
> could see what's going on I might be able to fix it.
> Any help will be greatly appreciated.
> Boundless (Neoware) Capio II 320
> Cyrix MediaGXm 233MHz
> Geode CS5530 companion device
> Intel 82559ER Network Interface
> 48MB DiskOnChip

Sounds like my CAPIO Boundless II. I also tried this to boot via coreboot, but 
without success. There is no serial device available on this target for 
debugging purposes and the 82559 seems special as the standard etherboot for 
this device fails also.

Getting a console with coreboot might help for coreboot, but etherboot for 
example cannot use it. So if etherboot fails you will stick at the same 


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