[coreboot] Geode LX/CS5536 VSA

Marc Jones marc.jones at amd.com
Fri Feb 1 22:03:42 CET 2008

Hi Chris,

Chris Kilgour wrote:
> Marc Jones wrote:
>> The following changes were made:
>> Remove int15 callbacks removed. CPU and memory are calculated by VSA.
>> VSA no longer takes all the MFGPTs. Two are now available for OS use.
> I have "ported" the previous VSA sources from the OLPC git tree, so that
> it builds under GNU tools.  It is completely untested, but I plan to
> start testing it any time now.  It has never been released.

This is great. We had hoped that someone in the community would do this.

> I would appreciate any comments from the list on:
> 1. hosting these VSA sources.  Would coreboot.org be a good place to
> keep the GNU-ified VSA sources?

I think that makes sense since coreboot is the project that VSA is most 
closely associated with.

> 2. the idea of permanently moving to a GNU-buildable version?
Yes! We would love to have more people working on this code and making 
it better. I am sure the size can be reduced even more. This would help 
it fit into the rom and take up less system memory. Both would be great 
helps to embedded LX designs.

> 3. anyone interesting in helping to test the "port"?

I think we should be able to get a few people to test the port, myself 

> I also want to patch my "port" based on the newer sources you provided
> Marc.  In looking at the diff's against the OLPC git, I see there are
> about 42 files with mostly-minor code changes, about 26 files removed. 
> It should be easy to handle the patching, so I am inclined to do that
> before releasing and testing.

That would be fine. We will check these changes into the OLPC git tree 
when Jordan gets back next week (or so).

> One thing I'm wondering about: there are about 65 files that have no
> changes except the copyright notice was updated to 2008.  Was that intended?

Due to laziness on my part, yes. Jordan and I were going to discuss if 
that really went into the git tree.

Thanks for stepping up and starting this effort.

Marc Jones
Senior Firmware Engineer
(970) 226-9684 Office
mailto:Marc.Jones at amd.com


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