[coreboot] Geode LX/CS5536 VSA

Chris Kilgour techie at whiterocker.com
Fri Feb 1 21:12:27 CET 2008

Marc Jones wrote:
> The following changes were made:
> Remove int15 callbacks removed. CPU and memory are calculated by VSA.
> VSA no longer takes all the MFGPTs. Two are now available for OS use.

I have "ported" the previous VSA sources from the OLPC git tree, so that
it builds under GNU tools.  It is completely untested, but I plan to
start testing it any time now.  It has never been released.

I would appreciate any comments from the list on:
1. hosting these VSA sources.  Would coreboot.org be a good place to
keep the GNU-ified VSA sources?
2. the idea of permanently moving to a GNU-buildable version?
3. anyone interesting in helping to test the "port"?

I also want to patch my "port" based on the newer sources you provided
Marc.  In looking at the diff's against the OLPC git, I see there are
about 42 files with mostly-minor code changes, about 26 files removed. 
It should be easy to handle the patching, so I am inclined to do that
before releasing and testing.

One thing I'm wondering about: there are about 65 files that have no
changes except the copyright notice was updated to 2008.  Was that intended?


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