[coreboot] hardware usb analyzers

Richard Smith smithbone at gmail.com
Tue Dec 30 04:31:19 CET 2008

ron minnich wrote:
> any recommendations? This is not for coreboot, it is for debugging
> plan 9 usb drivers. We would prefer one that does not need a windows
> host to work. Ideally we could attach it to ethernet and talk to it
> that way.

The only one I know of that will work with a non-windows host is


I've not used the 480 (yet, its on the list to get) but I've used the 12 
and had very good results.  I've  had chats with several of the tech and 
sales folk and they have been great.

I can tell you that you _don't_ want to get an Ellisys USB explorer.  In 
addition to being windows only, the software sucks.  Its caused myself 
and other users no end of frustration.  Solid piece of hardware though. 
  Shame windows has to bring it down.

If you want _serious_ level of analysis (beyond just protocol) then 
crescent heart is awesome.  But you have to have a Tektronix device to 
hook it up to.


Richard A. Smith
smithbone at gmail.com

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