[coreboot] [PATCH] SeaBIOS - vgahooks improvements

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Thu Dec 25 11:37:35 CET 2008


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> Hi Jason,
> I'm reconnecting this to correct thread. Maybe you can set your settings for
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> > I had added some very similar code on my VX800 port, except the location
> > of pci register that get speed of DDR2(mine is 0x90). I add those code
> > in both vgahook.c of Seabios and vgabios.c of Coreboot
> Do you have the 0x15 0x5f specification? I never succeeded to get it from Bruce.

Yes,I do, I have a spec named "Video BIOS External Interface Spec for UniChrome IGP". A 75 pages file. But it is confidential. (I can not understand why it is confidential). Maybe you can ask Bruce for getting this file from me(maybe he has no this file...). 

> > Maybe 155f is VGABIOS dependent?  Yesterday, I test two different
> > VGABIOS on my VX800 board for my coreboot code. First one is extracted
> > from legacy bios on board, which doesn't play with my 155fcallback(s3
> > resume fails). Second one (I don't know where it is from), however,
> > seems work fine.
> Yes seems so. Mine BIOS works also fine without any callback, but OpenChrome
> Drivers would not allow any other resolution than 640x480 complaining about
> low
> memory bandwidth.

 return value of all int0x15(int21)
AH  AL  		Completion status 
??  5Fh  		Function call supported 
??  !=5Fh  	Function not supported 
00  5Fh  		Function call successful 
01  5Fh  		Function call failed 

Return value of 5f18.
		Memory Data Rate 
		  0000: 66MHz 
		  0001: 100MHz 
		  0010: 133MHz 
		  0011: 200MHz ( DDR200 ) 
		  0100: 266MHz ( DDR266 ) 
		  0101: 333MHz ( DDR333 ) 
		  0110: 400MHz ( DDR400 ) 
		  0111: 533MHz ( DDR I/II 533 
		  1000: 667MHz ( DDR I/II 667)
		N:  Frame Buffer Size 2^N  MB

> I studied both sides, VGA ROM BIOS and main BIOS Callbacks. It just writes the
> values of ebx from 0x5f18 to scratch registers.
> Mine BIOS is:
> ruik at ruiktest:~/coreboot-merge-seabios-XP/coreboot-v2/zal$ strings
> 32301106.pci
> | head
> 03/01/07
>     VIA TRC63M
> *VT3336   Desktop  NoTV
>   Ver20
> And finally I have one idea for the S3 resume. We do not need to call SeaBIOS
> again, we can jump to real mode, call the c000:0003 and then jump to waking
> vector directly. SeaBIOS will handle this directly for us without any S3
> entrypoint ;)

Please see Kevin's newest reply for thread "[coreboot] 2 keypoints to use coreboot+seabios toachieveWINDOWS-XP's s3 sleep/resume".   
He said when S3 resume, coreboot can jump to f000:fff0 instead of jump into elf file. Although I didn’t test it yet.

> Rudolf

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