[coreboot] flashrom not working - asus p5q (ICH10R)

Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Mon Dec 22 03:19:50 CET 2008

Thomas Prochaska wrote:
> ok, i found the problem. i hadn't set CONFIG_STRICT_DEVMEM but i had 
> x86-pat enabled. this was the problem.

Aha! Good find.

> with the nopat kernel boot option it produces this output:
> -----
> xiix:~# flashrom -V
> Probing for Atmel AT25DF021, 256 KB: Segmentation fault
> -----
> is that a problem or just because i haven't provided an image to
> write.

This is a bug in the ICH SPI driver that must have been introduced in
the last few commits. Unfortunately I'm not completely familiar with
that code.

It would be helpful if you could provide a backtrace, please compile
flashrom with debugging enabled (add -g to CFLAGS and LDFLAGS, and
comment out the STRIP on line 43 in Makefile) and then run flashrom
in gdb:

# gdb ./flashrom
(gdb) r -V
(gdb) bt

and post the output.

It would also be helpful if you could update (downgrade really) to
revisions 3809 and 3804 in turn, to see if they work better. Run:

svn up -r 3809



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