[coreboot] Error Compiling Coreboot v1 for Acer WT300

Holden Hao holdenhao at gmail.com
Mon Dec 15 10:20:56 CET 2008

> Coreboot-v1 is VERY old, IIRC it requires gcc 2.xx to compile. Perhaps I
> could talk you into using coreboot-v2 instead? I see that the Axus TC320 and
> Bcom WinNet 100 share the same hardware as your board, so porting your board
> shouldn't require much work. You can find a build tutorial here:
> http://www.coreboot.org/AXUS_TC320#Building_a_LinuxBIOS_image and various
> other resources by exploring around coreboot.org. If you need a hand, let
> us know!

I have already compiled an Coreboot rom and have burned it into a chip using
a PROM burner.   However, I could not see any output from the console.
Reading the article from the other person who has successfully compiled
Coreboot + Etherboot, the com port of the Acer WT 300 is in com 2 and not
com 1.  As I understand it, the default com port for coreboot is ttyS0. What
option can I use to change the default console port to ttyS1?  There seems
to be no options for this from the Wiki page which lists the available
options for Coreboot V2.  My config file is below:

target tc320
mainboard axus/tc320

option ROM_SIZE = 256 * 1024

## Enable VGA with a splash screen (only 640x480 to run on most monitors).
## We want to support up to 1024x768 at 16 so we need 2MiB video memory.
## Note: Higher resolutions might need faster SDRAM speed.
option CONFIG_GX1_VIDEO = 1
option CONFIG_VIDEO_MB = 2


romimage "normal"
    option USE_FALLBACK_IMAGE = 0
    option COREBOOT_EXTRA_VERSION = ".0Normal"
    payload /home/holden/src/images/eb-5.4.3-pcnet32.elf

#romimage "fallback"
#    option USE_FALLBACK_IMAGE = 1
#    option COREBOOT_EXTRA_VERSION = ".0Fallback"
#    payload ../../../../../../../images/etherboot.elf

buildrom ./coreboot.rom ROM_SIZE "normal"


Thank you for the assistance.

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